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Time for Baby Boomers to Take Coronavirus Seriously

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With the skyrocketing numbers of Corona positives and the chaos increasing outside, it has become quite difficult to remain contained and peaceful.

There are approx. 332K death cases due to coronavirus infections around the world until May 21st, 2020. And numbers are evidence that a person suffering from any chronic disease and is in baby boomer age is more vulnerable than a normal individual with no pre-existing disease.

Still, there are people, or I say some insensible people who are still thinking that COVID 19 disease cannot affect them as they are of young blood and invulnerable. Well, nobody is so resistant or strongly immune that they can’t get infected by the Coronavirus.

But people of old age, more than 60 who are previously suffering from chronic diseases like Diabetes, BP, Heart disease are more prone to COVID 19 as their immunity is already weak. Also, the small kids and children are likely to suffer more due to COVID 19. Elderly with health issues and kids should be more careful and take extra precautions to be safe from this Pandemic.

It is time to adjust the behavior and attitude of all the elderly people or say baby boomer parents who think they are invincible because they are not!

I admit that the elderly people of 60 or above age groups are much healthier than their parents who belonged to this age group. Our parents are fit and fine, but we cannot ignore the fact that they are still old, and their immune system isn’t so strong enough to take any new virus. Many of the baby boomer parents think that they are young and not old yet so there is no need to concern about the whole pandemic thing, but as a gentle reminder we are all human and are mortal, we can get infected, sick, or die too!

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The reason behind the carelessness of some people is that they consider the baby boomer generation to be strong who have survived the other diseases. For instance, these boomers have survived the Swine Flu which had hit the population in the winter season and its fatality rate was quite low. Some of the baby boomers consider that COVID 19 would also not affect that much.

After the government advisories, the strict norms, city lockdown, country lockdown, and even curfew at some location, you can still spot elderly people going on a morning walk or running in the park in the evening. Because they feel they are doing physical activities to keep their body fit. But for god’s sake, we need to do all the exercises or physical activities within the four walls of our house. Despite all the warnings issued by the government and medical institutions for elderly people that they are more at the stake of getting coronavirus, people are showing ignorance towards their responsibility, they are not following the government’s instructions. The only responsibility that citizens have given is to stay inside their homes and follow the lockdown.

No matter whether you feel fit and healthy or you look quite fine in the boomer age group, coronavirus wouldn’t consider that. Look at the number of boomers getting tested positive. These baby boomer parents are not ready to accept the fact that they have become old and their age isn’t safe for this virus. The people belonging to the boomer’s age group are more prone to Corona Virus than a regular individual without any pre-existing disease. Boomers are not ready to change their lifestyle and accept the fact that today only precautionary measures can save them from this fatal disease, as there is no antidote of it yet.

We are seeing the protest of many people around the world. Even the country Like USA is facing this challenge, people are coming on roads to protest the lockdown, also in India, many groups are not supporting the lockdown. Though a large section belongs to the worker community that lives on daily wages, they are now facing the real challenges of life, they are running out of money, food, and essentials and this situation is really heart wrenching. Excluding this group, there is no age group that finds it difficult to stay indoors.  There are many boomers with all facilities and essentials at their homes but are still not following the government’s commands.

The Coronavirus doesn’t check your age before infecting you. Look at the example where the heir of the British throne, Prince Charles, who is of age 71 was diagnosed with COVID 19, and the other example where a 6-month old baby died of the same disease!

Some of the tips for people belonging to 60 years and above can consider:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You can also use hand sanitizer if you do not find soap and water.
  • Stock up on household items like groceries, your regular medicines, etc. You can also contact your family doctor about future prescriptions for over-the-counter medicines that you might need during the quarantine period.
  • Do not touch your face again and again.
  • Practice social distancing as much as you can.

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