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For some decades healthcare issues have been a major problem in both rural and urban areas of Rajasthan. 

Rajasthan is underperforming in the health sector; Health is one of the crucial concerns which Rajasthan state is facing right now. 

From the geographical point of view, Rajasthan is the largest state of India by area and most of the areas are distant and unapproachable, So providing healthcare services to such areas are very important.

Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has been working for the last 30 years with a motive, to provide the best diagnostic services for every citizen of Rajasthan either they belong to rural, or urban areas. For achieving this aim, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is providing various business models, so that you can join us in this noble cause. 

Choose the business model according to your need

Point of Care Labs (POC)

This business model is for those who already have a small existing diagnostic laboratory setup in 500-600 square feet with paper proof. The laboratory setup should be owned/rented or on lease at a prominent location. 

Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory will provide help to these diagnostic laboratory setups to contribute world quality diagnostic services to its customers with our largest test menu, laboratory management setup, latest technologies in diagnostic services. 

We have 500+ experienced team members in the Marketing, Sales, Admin, HR departments that will help you to grow your business offline and online.

Apply Now: https://www.blallab.com/Franchising-Opportunity.php

LAB Acquisition

In this business model, the partner should have 1500 sq. ft. or more with the existing diagnostic lab/radiology lab setup. 

This business model helps to empower medium-sized setup with our superior customer care services, quality assurance, and largest test menu. 

Apply Now: https://www.blallab.com/Lab-Acquisition.php

Hospital Lab Management

We know that laboratory service in the hospital is very important. It is a highly functional area, but most of the hospital does not give importance to it, and they may fail regarding profit and quality services.

Hospital Lab Management gives an extra edge to hospitals to offer the best quality diagnostic care services to their patients while maintaining a core focus on providing their basic healthcare services.

If you want to connect with us then you should have a minimum of 1500 sq. Ft. Space along with OPD’s above 100/day.

Apply Now: https://www.blallab.com/Hospital-Lab-Management.php

Why Connect with us?

Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has a center of excellence that brings expertise in Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, and Molecular Biology. 

Let’s understand why you should connect with us.

  • Better Laboratory Management: The achievement of any laboratory depends on how you manage it. We have a fully qualified team with great experience in managing labs.
  • Enhance your quality: The quality of the lab depends on some factors like integrating, reporting, and sample testing. We will provide you a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that creates a conducive environment where data is transferred from machines to the software and vice versa in the easiest way possible.
  • Enhance your services: This depends on various factors like right people working, best possible equipment, advice from an experienced person so from all this sector Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory will guide you and provide you the best result.
  • Expand test menu: If you have a wide range of tests then you can reach a broad number of customers, so if you collaborate with us you have full access to 1200+ test menus.
  • Reach More Audience: If you connect with us you will gain more customers, which are engaged with us for a long time.
  • More Platform: Building an online presence is time-consuming because it is not something that happens overnight. We have a great presence on an online platform so if you connect with you will get that benefit.
  • The Latest Technology: We are using the best technologies in diagnostic services like RT-PCR, high-end technology BSL-2, and more advanced technology.
  • 5 Lac + customer: Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is providing its diagnostic services to 5 lac + customers every year in Rajasthan. This graph is increasing every year.
  • 50 Lac+ Test: 50 Lac + test is done every year in Rajasthan by Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory.
  • 50 + Collection Center: Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory started its journey in 1991 with 1 center. Now we are the only pathology network that has 50+ collection centers in Rajasthan and 5 regional laboratories at  Ajmer, Alwar, Bhilwara, Kotputli, and Sikar. 
  • NABL Approved: Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is approved by the National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL). 

The Power of Partnership

Name: Dr. Prashant Chaudhary

Position: Owner

Lab Name: Vijay Diagnostics Center, Fatehpur

Business Model: Point of Care Lab

Feedback: We have been running our path lab for the last 15 years and from this year we collaborate with Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory, which is helping us a lot in improving our business here with their experience in all the basic and important techniques in the path lab field. 

I hope in the future we develop a great bonding and improve our working environment with them. 

Name: Umesh Kumar Saini

Position: Owner

Lab Name: Getwell Laboratory, Bansur

Business Model: Point of Care Lab

Feedback: I am very grateful that you have given me a chance to work with you. My experience is very good and your support system is very strong. It’s a very short time and my business is increasing and people are also satisfied with the quality reports. 

Hoping for the best in the future and a long team association. 

How these business models are transforming rural healthcare across Rajasthan?

Let’s check out how these business models are transforming rural healthcare across Rajasthan. 

  • In rural areas, laboratories do not have a good infrastructure and they do not focus on cleanliness but Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory provides well infrastructure and clean laboratories. 
  • In the rural area, most of the tests are not available but Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is offering a 1200+ test menu. 
  • Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory is using the latest technology for tests so that you don’t need to wait for a report too much. 
  • After the test, you can check your report on mobile with the help of Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory LIMS. You don’t need to go to the laboratory for your report.


Grab an opportunity to be a part of this fastest-growing diagnostic laboratory of Rajasthan.

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