According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 1 in 3 women suffers from diabetes, many of which are not even available for proper healthcare and are not aware of the disease. Diabetes during pregnancy or uncontrolled diabetes during pregnancy is the biggest problem. Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death of women worldwide, and it causes around 1.6 million deaths every year.

Psychological effects on women

Diabetes can also affect a woman’s sex life as a result of her psychological effects. If not controlled timely, high blood sugar can damage the nerves and blood vessels in the body. It can also block blood flow to the genitals. Therefore, a women’s emotional response to diabetes can impair her sexual desire and can cause many problems:

  • Fear and depression after suffering from diabetes
  • The stress of disease and regarding its treatment
  • Fear of rejection from your spouse
  • Self-harm thoughts that can even lead to depression

Fertility hormones have an effect on the blood sugar level in women who are at the age of childbearing. Blood sugar levels are affected and fluctuations occur when hormonal levels are at peak during menstruation.

The effect is often negligible, but in some women, changes in diet and decreased physical activity can sometimes affect blood sugar levels especially during menstruation.

Diabetes and pregnancy

Some women develop diabetes for the first time after becoming pregnant. This is called gestational diabetes (Jess-ty-shan-ul). Other women might also develop diabetes before they become pregnant. Use the below-mentioned tips which can help you guide towards maintaining diabetes during pregnancy.

What can women with diabetes do?

The first step is to see a doctor. Diabetes can also affect a woman’s sex life apart from other factors, like menopause, drugs and relationship problems. All such hormonal changes can lead to sexual problems. Others may highlight certain conditions that require full physical attention.

Controlling blood sugar levels is essential for maintaining your sexual health as well as your overall health. Women should monitor their blood sugar level, follow their diet plan, and should intake only doctor-prescribed medications and insulin. Regular inspection is necessary to check on the adjusted blood sugar levels.

Some women can also benefit from seeing a counselor. Sometimes the stress of controlling diabetes is very high. A therapist can help a woman deal with stress and related concerns.

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