When the world was waiting to celebrate the new year with new hopes and resolutions, suddenly something happened and everything changed. When the coronavirus entered the world no one knew how long it would last and how deadly it is. We have faced something that never happened in our entire life. 

All the world faced lockdown, honestly, that was horrible like something big was happening. We all were getting the information from news and social media that what is happening in other countries and we all were afraid. 

But now slowly things are changing, and we all know that vaccination of covid19 has started in some countries, and India is one of them. The Government of India has approved two vaccines, The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, and Covaxin.

But we all have some questions in our minds: Who will get the vaccine first? How does one register for it? Lets discussed all one by one

Who will get the vaccine first?

1. Healthcare Workers: Public and Private

According to the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC), health workers which are working in both Govt. and private hospitals will get the vaccine first. These health workers are doctors, nurses, medical officers, paramedics, and other staff included with the medical students. 

2. Frontline and Municipal Workers

Central and state department workers like the police departments, armed forces, prisoner staff, civil defense, revenue officials, and municipal workers will get vaccines after healthcare workers. 

3. Population Above 50 years of age

This category is divided into two categories.

  1. Above 60
  2. 50-60 years of age.

4. Areas with High Covid Infection

Areas, where the COVID-19 infection prevalence is high, can get the covid19 vaccines earlier. 

5. Rest Population

The remaining population will get the covid19 vaccine after priority lists are done. 

How does one register for Covid19 Vaccine?

First, you need to know that for covid19 registration you have to download the CoWIN app. But currently, CoWIN app functionality is not complete yet and it is in the pre-product stage. 

Once the CoWIN app functionality is done, you have to register on this app, and once the registration is completed you will get an SMS regarding the date, venue, and time of vaccination. You have to upload some Govt. document at the time of registration on a CoWin app like an Adhar card, Voter ID card.

Can We Get Covid-19 Vaccine Without Registration?

The answer is no, You have to register yourself for the Vaccination, and then you will get the date, venue, and time of vaccination. 

Is it free?

The covid-19 vaccine will be free of cost across all the country, said the Union Health Minister of India Harsh Vardhan. 

Is It Mandatory To Take The Covid-19 Vaccine?

According to the Union Health Ministry, getting vaccinated for COVID-19 will be voluntary in the country.  


Covid-19 is the major health problem for the world and experts in the medical field and other fields are working everyday to develop vaccines and reduce the effect of covid19. 

Now we all understand the value of health so do a health checkup every year to track your health.