Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care – The need of the hour

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Preventive health care or Preventive Medicine or Prophylaxis is accountable for the measures which are taken for the prevention of a particular disease. There are many factors that are responsible for disease and disability mainly these factors include disease agents, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. 

To prevent the diseases Preventive Health care is required. There are many methods by which one can prevent itself from diseases. According to various health organizations, it is recommended that all adults and children should regularly visit their health care provider even if they are fit and fine. 

The main purpose of the visit is to –

  1. Look for diseases which can infect you in future
  2. Screening of diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes
  3. A personal discussion regarding the consumption of alcohol or how to quit smoking
  4. Vaccination update
  5. Discussion regarding the medications you are consuming

How preventive Health care is important?

Even if a person is fine, He/ she should regularly visit their health care provider. As regular checkups can help to know better about your health as well as to know that you are having a disease or you can have that disease in the future.

For example- high cholesterol or high blood pressure cannot be known by the external symptoms as these diseases do not show any symptoms in the early stages. So this can be only checked by the regular checkups.

Below are some tests which a person should go for on a regular basis

Cholesterol level
• Blood Sugar
• Blood Pressure
• Colon cancer screening
• HIV test
• Pap smear
• Genetic testing for Breast cancer and ovarian cancer
• Tests for other sexually transmitted diseases 

Another part of preventive health care is to recognize the visible changes that are taking place in your body.

These changes may include –
• Weight loss without trying
• A lasting fever without any infection
• Cough
• Blood in stools
• A lump anywhere on your body
• Skin color changes or sores on the skin

What One can do to stay healthy?

  • Other than a regular visit to their Health service provider one can also remain healthy by following these steps-
  • Exercise daily
  • Quit smoking or don’t smoke
  • Don’t chew tobacco
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Don’t use drugs
  • Alcohol consumption should be moderate, not high
  • Always eat healthy vegetables other than junk food especially for youngsters

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