Preventive Health Care

Why Preventive Health Care is the Best Way Towards a Healthy Life

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Haven’t you heard the golden saying, “Prevention is better than Cure”? But do you implement this in your health care? The answer would be a Definite NO by most of the people. Usually, people go to the hospital when they see some serious disease-causing symptoms in their bodies. Why don’t we consider our health as the foremost priority? Why don’t we take preventive health care and stop the risk factors before they lead to any disease or illness?

What is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive health care also known as prophylaxis are the measures we take for preventing any disease. Preventive Healthcare includes the use of any medical service or precautions that fight against the potential health crisis. Perhaps preventive health care is the most important step one can take to manage his/her health.

Our health is affected by so many factors such as genetic predisposition, environmental factors, lifestyle, food habits, disease agents, etc. Therefore it is equally important to check on our health periodically by visiting a doctor and going through screening tests, etc.

The idea of taking prevention of health care is to be healthy and eliminate the disease before it becomes serious and life-threatening. Preventive health care and medicines not only save you from ill health but also save you money from future expenses if you get trapped in one chronic disease. Therefore, to live a happy and pleasant life, start taking your health seriously and invest in your time in health care precautions from now.

Why Preventive Healthcare is Important for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Sometimes the symptoms of the disease appear on the surface quite slowly and you can’t figure out the reason for being unhealthy. Therefore, even when you feel that everything is alright with your body, you might not know what hazardous is blooming within your body.

Regular health checkups and follow-up meetings with your doctor can help you avoid many problems. Even a blood test in 6 months can give you enough information about your health. You can also get yourself checked on blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Hear Out your Doctor:

In today’s time dominated by junk and unhealthy lifestyle, visiting a Doctor periodically can help you a lot in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Doctors can make you understand the functioning of your body and guide you with the steps to take preventive health care. According to your health age, gender, personal health history, family history, a doctor can recommend screening tests that can detect health issues at an early stage.

For example, your doctor would ask you about your family history in Diabetes to know if you can be at risk of the disease.

Preventive measures to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle:

It is not possible to control all the health problems, but taking care of your body and considering some preventive measures would definitely eliminate many risk factors. You can even do minute changes in your lifestyle to prevent your health from degrading.

You can make the smallest changes like avoid tobacco usage, exercise regularly, maintain a balanced & nutritious diet, avoid usage of alcoholic beverages, consume less sugary drinks, and maintain a healthy weight. Even such small changes can uplift your degrading health and protect you from premature death.

Hence, it all depends on the person to make the right choices regarding your health. One should avoid the consumption of these hazardous items to live a happy and healthy life.

Also, considering a doctor can also be the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Going for regular follow-ups and getting yourself checked can help you a lot. Doctors may recommend you with the healthy lifestyle strategies that you can implement to guarantee better health and reduce health hazards.

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What can we do for ourselves?

The major problem arises when people stop taking medical precautious even when they know that the disease still persists.

A survey says that around 17% of patients reported with rectal tumors do not take medicinal help even when they suspect the disease with symptoms or even after tests. People tend to ignore their health and make excuses to avoid visiting doctors.

Understand, you are the only one to help yourself. The mindset needs to change. Proper health checkups and are mandatory to keep yourself away from hazardous health problems.

Depending on your medical history, you can go for regular health checkups. We have listed a few of the checkups which you can include:

  • Go for regular Cholesterol level checkup if you are above age 40.
  • Women should take tests to avoid cervical cancer and breast cancer.
  • If you are obese and overweight, visiting the doctor on a periodic basis is even more important for you.
  • If you find any symptoms of depression, do not hesitate in talking to your family and a doctor.
  • If you are a regular smoker, getting yourself tested for Liver Cancer is important.

Such is the smallest measure you can take to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Because “Health is Wealth”. If you are healthy, you will definitely perform better. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk factors and would eventually save you from spending money on medicines.

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