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Learn the Most Important Lesson for the Future from this Pandemic

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Even after the relentless efforts of staying away from the negative news, we just cannot escape all these things happening around.

We have been struggling with COVID from December 2019 but it took us months to realize how fatal it is to us. Why? Are we so used to the occurrence of such viruses in our habitat that it took several deaths for us to notice and take action against it?

We are not new to such a virus. COVID-19 is a close relative of viruses like SARS and MERS. But COVID is highly contagious and resistant to most natural weather conditions. Doctors state that all those who have recovered from COVID were said to be having a strong immune system.

COVID 19 is being difficult to handle because it’s new to our immune system and now our immunity is strained under this virus. COVID 19 virus has a halo structure with spikes with which it latches on to healthy cells and multiplies causing first.

common cold, fever, cough, and then keep on deteriorating our respiratory system.

There are various important lessons that this COVID Pandemic has definitely taught us. We need to be a little more cautious towards our environment and health.

Here are a few lessons we should learn from this pandemic:

Prevention before the next crisis hits:

The foremost important lesson that we can learn from this COVID pandemic is to listen to science and be better prepared for the next crisis. Many studies have shown that the world was not prepared for such harsh pandemic. None of the governments, business tycoons, small businesses, or public health departments were prepared for this COVID pandemic. So we need to dedicate some of our resources to be better prepared for the future pandemic.

We need some cost-benefit models that can tell the timing and other shutdowns that can save our economy from falling so badly during lockdowns.

Use technology to deploy more work from home:

Corona Virus Pandemic has taught the entire world that work can be done from home. This would help in saving various resources and space to accommodate the human workforce. Many ways can be innovated in cooperate culture that helps in cutting travel costs, office space, etc. Meetings can be conducted online that makes sure that all the staff members are present physically and mentally as well. This would also help in saving the office space and commuting time.

This would not only ensure that efficiency and cost are benefited but also it would benefit our environment in return. Fewer people traveling to work means less fuel invested in the airline, bus, or train journey. Also, less dust on roads would lead to fewer air pollutants and fewer traffic jams.

Let your immune system heal on its own:

An important factor that we all have neglected is that our immune system is capable of curing most of the diseases itself and new ones too if strong enough and given time to explore. This also brings attention to our distrust towards our own immune system and dependability on foreign drugs for the most common of diseases.

With over usage of allopathic medicines in our day to day lives we have weakened our immune system and body’s efficiency to fight against common viruses. Also the modern lifestyle of unhealthy eating, irregular physical activity, mental stress, depression, and anxiety all these factors more or less affects our body. We are cramped in offices behind screens unconscious of when we are sleeping and what we are eating. So this time is most opportune to learn and turn back to simpler healthier conscious living. Mental and emotional health was never a severe problem back but now most people our nurturing unhealthy minds.

Naturopathy and Ayurveda have always been used in India for the cure of several common diseases and were a part of the lifestyle. We have become so metabolically imbalanced that to even attain peace we require outer factors and therapy. Food is said to be the source of serving everything to our body and with growing modernization, we have totally given up on the importance of what we are putting in our body. Not that what we are breathing is much better. We are diseased; everything air we breathe, the soil we grow, the water we drink, and now in this time- off we need to think and work towards a system of self-empowerment, responsible and long life.

Health is Wealth:

Another important lesson to be learned from the COVID 19 Pandemic is to not neglect our physical and mental health. A nutritious diet and healthy body is the factor we all should start working on.  Being conscious of everything around us rather than being run on auto is crucial. Our earth can serve and feed us all without having to eat everything that moves. Eating more than we need and more of what we should not eat is the start of the all problems.

Also eating what we are supposed to eat can improve our sleeping tremendously. It is said that eating more than u need is like giving your body to work extra on digesting it and it requires extra energy we can say which is compensated by extra sleeping at the wrong time.

Addiction habits are also another factor. Though consumption of such substances cannot be talked on moral grounds cause it’s always a personal choice. But in doing so one should also not forget what it is doing to your body. How you are taking care of your body and how much can you cheat on your body, all this can always be amended to keep yourself healthy.

A healthy body and mind will not only be prone to fewer diseases but will be more productive in other areas of life. Dull tired and diseased minds are not likely creative. Creating extraordinary lives needs the support of clear sharp and healthy minds which are again a result of healthy eating and living.

The maximum number of recoveries of COVID-19 are recorded in India and it’s no surprise that Indian foods contain healthy amounts of spices and ingredients that are good to keep our immune system strong.

Hobbies can be relaxing:

Another important factor we all have encountered in this pandemic is so many people are finally doing what they really enjoyed doing. We all should nurture a hobby, activity, skill, talent we really enjoy doing. At the fast pace towards successful careers, we often forget to truly relax and breathe in the air of selfishness of doing something for only ourselves. We all should develop this kind of selfishness of giving a few hours of a week to ourselves to do something only for the sake of our own enjoyment and not for others. 

A creative hobby adds a definition to our personality that quenches the thirst of uniqueness required in this monotone working culture. Investing in ourselves and paying attention to our 10-meter surroundings can lead to new discoveries and habits that benefit us.

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