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Today when there is no stability of life and everything is uncertain, it has become even harder to survive the anxiety disorders that no medicine or any other activity can take that feeling away. But hey wait, there is no need of shying away from being sad. It’s OKAY to cry sometimes and vent out all the negativity blooming within you. Because:

All the darker walls will have a door,

That will lead you to the castle of your own.

In the time of global pandemic rising due to COVID 19, the uncertainty of what’s happening next and social distancing has already created a sense of fear amongst society. The time has become stressful for a normal individual, but have you thought about those who are already suffering from mental health issues like anxiety disorder, depression, etc.? All those people have become powerless and weak.

There is a chunk of people around the world who are already suffering from mental illness, and the situation right now is tougher for those people. Well, the word mental illness is very vast but here in this article, we are addressing the anxiety disorder only.

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Stress and Anxiety in the time of COVID 19:

In this time of the global pandemic, many individuals can be seen with anxiety disorders. It is a condition in which the person cannot handle the stress and ends up reacting abnormally. The reason for stress could be anything, sometimes it is work-related, sometimes due to financial issues, family problems, parenting stress, career issues, love life, and many more. People who are highly affected by stress sometimes get panic attacks/anxiety attacks; it works like a slow poison that kills you with time if not treated properly. The effects are harmful to a person’s overall health if it reaches the exhaustion stage of stress.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, people are having more anxiety disorders as they got more reasons to be stressed about. The fatality rate of disease is increasing day by day, the threat of being affected by the virus has become a fear of almost every person. There is a fear of losing jobs, the uncertainty of future, fear of running out of food and other essential things during the lockdown, the loneliness during the lockdown, the threat of losing your dear ones due to COVID 19 is making people worrisome.

People from the weaker section and labor community are suffering more, they don’t have a home for shelter, some are stuck in other states and cities, for all those the condition Is even more painful.  Some people are stuck alone far from family members, some elderly people are living alone, and people suffering from chronic diseases are also in a critical situation. Overall people are stressing too much due to the whole pandemic thing. And the major concern is what if you turn out to be a positive COVID 19 patient, the fear of dying, the fear from society when they make a distance from you and judge you just because you got infected!

There are many cases where medical staff is being poorly treated because people are afraid that they might infect them as they spend their time treating COVID 19 Patient all the time. The reasons are many, and it is affecting a wide section of society. People are getting more depressed these days, stressing over their situation and the whole pandemic thing is making them anxious. And when this stress is out of control it leads to anxiety disorders.

People are becoming more infuriated and impatient and as a result they get irritated easily, their body reacts negatively to anxiety, they are becoming more vulnerable and emotionally weak. It is all because the pandemic has made it difficult for individuals to handle stress. The last stage of stress is causing a compete for mental breakdown causing ill health effects.

There are a few practices that an individual with anxiety disorders can practice feeling a little relief:

Mediation has proven as the best cure to revive yourself from all the anxious thoughts. It calms your brain and lets you breathe freely. But you need to adopt it as a regular practice.

Reading: Books are always your best friends. Reading can become one of the best escapes from the real world. It lets you dwell in the world of your own where you can rejuvenate yourself.

Cooking: Even if you are not a good cook, you can try your hands at cooking or baking. In the time of COVID 19 pandemic, everybody has become an INTERNET CHEF. But don’t worry, you need not get into any competition, but you just need to keep yourself busy in something productive that gives you happiness.

Exercising: There are various videos available online on how you can start exercising at home with or without any workout equipment. You can take motivation from any of the videos and start exercising. This also assures your healthy well-being.

The reality of life isn’t very good right now and we all cannot help this situation. All we can do is let some positivity and hope surface all the trauma of chaos.

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