8 Best Foods for Summer Season

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So how are you welcoming this summer? With sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and air conditioners? That’s it? What about the food then?

Summers are here and our cravings to bite into the chilled ice-creams are also popping up. But, wait wait. It isn’t the best thing to eat during summers. This results in consuming an excessive amount of calories, sugar and hence, this results in weight gain.

Other than sunscreens and sunglasses, you also need to be a little more pampering towards your body and have something healthy during these summers.

Here, Dr. B Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is presenting you with a list of best foods you can have during this summer season to beat the heat.

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8 Best Foods for Summer Season

1. Juicy Orange:

Oranges are rich in potassium, and these important nutrients release out through sweating. So with the hit of scorching sun cool yourself with a glass of orange juice that will not only add potassium to your body but also boost your energy. Oranges are tartly and can help you keep muscles cramps away.

Add it into your breakfast, they are very refreshing and full of minerals and nutrients and essential vitamins. With rich in vitamin c, the fruit boosts your immunity as well and keep you safe from flu, cold and other diseases.

2. Onions:

Surprisingly onion has cooling properties that can save you from hot summer’s side effects such as Sunstroke. So if you want to be safe and sound from the menace hot winds start including onions in your diet.  If you don’t like eating them raw, you can make a salad it with cucumber and tomato. Spread some salt and lemon for taste, it will be healthy and tasty too.  You can also add in raita and vegetables.

3. Lemon: 

We sweat more in summers, and with sweating, we lose water and salt from the body, which causes dehydration. Lemon is one fruit that can keep you chilled and hydrated all day long. All you have to do is squeeze one lemon in a glass, add some water, and a pinch of salt and sugar, mix it well and have it.  The refreshing lime water drink has many health benefits. Have it every day in summers.

4. Curd:

Curd has lots of benefits added with it, as it helps in digestion,  improves cardiovascular health, boosts immunity, improves skin, and is a good substitute for Milk. With its cooling effects, it’s good to add it to your daily diet in summers.  You can have curd by making sweet lassi of it.  Also, try the raita and buttermilk made of curd. You can try variant form, some fruits based smoothies with added curd are delicious ways to fight against hot summers.

5. Cucumber

Stay hydrated with cucumber in summers.  Loaded with mostly water and fiber, cucumber help you in preventing dehydration, it also contains necessary electrolytes. Consumption of cucumber raw or in a salad can help you keep your intestine healthy. In summers remain hydrated is very important for a healthy intestine and avoiding constipation, therefore eat cucumber daily as it will keep you hydrated and save you from hot winds.

6. Watermelon

With the most refreshing and tender juicy taste, Watermelon is without a doubt one of the best foods to have during Indian summers. Gulping some chilled slices of watermelon through the mouth feels like heaven after a day in sunlight. Watermelon is loaded with 90% of water. Not just that, the red hues of watermelon also shows that it is filled with Lycopene, a heart-protective compound that is found in tomatoes. With the least amount of fat, there is no reason that you should not have a bite of this summery luscious fruit.

7. Coconut Water

How can our list of best summer foods end without including the refreshing drink, Coconut Water? It is one natural, inexpensive wonder that holds all the nutritional benefits you need during summers. It is not just an excellent drink to satiate your cravings but it is also good for your skin and helps in reducing blood pressure.

8. Bittergourd

The Indian Name for bitter gourd is Karela and is one of the easily available vegetables. Bitter Gourd is known to have health benefits and can also help in the cure of fungal infections, rashes, and boils.

Now that you have a list of best summer foods to consume, we hope we have helped you a bit. But even now if you have some queries regarding any health issue or need a proper diet plan, you can contact us anytime and share your queries.

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