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Medical Tests Women Should Not Ignore

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In a typical Indian scenario, women always have a laid back attitude towards their healthcare and in the rural parts, even the men aren’t much bothered about the healthcare of women in general. Many women have this reluctant behavior of keeping other members of family superior to themselves and follow the same in healthcare as well. Medical tests are often treated as a waste of money, but instead, it is a check-up to find out diseases that may turn severe if not treated in early stages. Although no disease should ever be ignored, here are a few tests that no women should miss at the right frequency.

Cholesterol Level Screening –

A cholesterol test is done to ensure the cholesterol isn’t high, which indicates fewer chances of developing heart and blood vessels related diseases like a heart attack. The cholesterol developing in the arteries can result in critical health problems. Lipid profile tests could be used to measure the risk of heart disease. In women, after menopause, the cholesterol levels can increase. Measuring LDL and HDL cholesterol in such cases can be helpful. In case of any heart disease history in the family, triglycerides must be measured to avoid any kind of risk.

Bone Density Test –

We already have been seeing the television commercial where they clearly say that 1 out of 2 women suffer low bone density after a certain age. This data marks the importance of this check-up. Osteoporosis, as medically called, is quite common in women as compared to men. As a result of this, bones become weaker and brittle.  The body continuously absorbs while at the same time replaces the bone tissue.

New bone creation is hindered and fails to keep up with old bone removal in Osteoporosis. Symptoms are not usually witnessed till they have a bone fracture. In such a condition, it cannot be cured, but treatment can surely help, the early the better. Vitamins, dietary supplements, antacid, etc. can turn helpful. It is caused because too much parathyroid hormone causes loss of calcium in urine at the expense of bone and lesser the calcium, more the loss of bone. Other hormone imbalances can also be a reason though.

Vitamin D Test –

The sunshine vitamin, or Vitamin D3, is apparently very crucial for a woman’s healthy body. According to the research, vitamin d plays an indisputable role in inherent as well as adaptive immunity. As a fact, we all know that Vitamin d is naturally developed by the body by absorbing the UV rays from the sun. In such cases, both the quality and quantity of sunlight matters. The process can although be hindered due to poor dietary intake, absorption, or poor exposure to sunlight, due to chronic kidney disease and obesity.

This is commonly seen and is riskier to women in their late 60s, dark-skinned people, and women using sunscreen lotions. Vitamin D is really vital, especially for women as it helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, obesity, and psychiatric diseases. It plays a vital role in pregnancy. Even though it is necessary to prevent and treat some forms of cancer and other critical diseases, its primary job stays protecting the occurrence of bone loss and helps in making them strong.

Anemia and Iron Deficiency Test –

Anemia is a condition when the blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells (RBCs) or dysfunctional red blood cells, leading to a reduced oxygen flow to different organs in the body. The symptoms for this include skin pallor, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue, or even fast heartbeats at times. Although both men and women suffer anemia, as per the Global Nutrition Report 2017, more than 50% of women in India in the age group of 15-49 years are anemic. Blaming only undernutrition would not be appropriate, as, in India, poor hygiene holds equal responsibility for anemia because it also prevents the absorption of food. Blood hemoglobin levels check-up is important to diagnose anemia. It will also check if low nutritional iron is the cause behind it.

Thyroid Hormones Test –

As compared to men, women have a lot more chances of developing thyroid diseases. When the thyroid stops secreting enough hormones into the blood, hypothyroidism can develop and results in slowing down the organs. This happens in women usually after pregnancy and menopause. The serious repercussions include high cholesterol and eventually, heart trouble. The opposite may happen in case of hyperthyroidism where the thyroid secretes too much of hormones and as a result, bodily functions speed up. Women nearing menopause should be extra careful in ruling out thyroid disorders.

These are the major tests that are commonly ignored by women and which are really important for better health. Apart from these, other tests like eye examination, ear examination, diabetes test, blood pressure test, etc. are a few really important tests for women.

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